The Announcements was published by the Cuban Post Office as an advance notice to the general people for some of the Cuban postage stamps issues, containing the subject of the Issue, reproduction of the stamps, and printing information. The quantities was limited and the distribution was free af any charge. The philatelists saved them as a souvenir or collateral philatelic item and it is very common to find cancelled on the first day of circulation, on cover, singles etc. We can find a great verieties and combination of each set, according to the collector's imagination. Some of announcements were printed in different language, Spanish, English and French. With the years the scarcity of this type of philatelic memorabilia are increased and today some of them are very hard to find, ex: 1951 Jose Raul Capablanca Issue. Unscrupulous people try to sell the stamps printed on the announcement  as a proof  or an  error of the original  stamp.

Updated: May 12, 2001

Since 1976

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A0010   Capablanca-Scott 463-65, C44-46, E14 , singles stamps on cover, first day canceled (PHOTO)  $50.00
A0001   Gral Batista Sanatorium 1954. Spanish-531, C107  FDC at Sanatorium  (PHOTO)  $12.00
A0002   Boy Scouts 1954,-550   unused (PHOTO)  $15.00
A0016   Tuberculosis 1955-Scott RA26-29, unused  (PHOTO)  $12.00
A0015   Tuberculosid 1952-Scott RA17-20, FDC  (PHOTO)  $12.00
A0003   Philatelic Club Building 1956 , C147 unused (PHOTO)  $12.00
A0004   Juan Francisco Steegers 1956  Scott 571,  C157 unused (PHOTO)  $12.00
A0014   Humane Society, 1956-Scott 574, C163 unused  (PHOTO)  $
A0009   Ret Fund 1957-Scott 584-87, C175-77, E23  First Day Cancellation  (PHOTO)  $12.00
A0011   1957 Issues-  (PHOTO)  $18.00
A0012   Diario de la Marina-Scott 592, C172  (PHOTO)  $12.00
A0013   Stamp Day 1958-Scott 593,C180 unused  (PHOTO)  $12.00
A0005   Dayton Hedges-Scott 590, C178 , unused (PHOTO)  $12.00
A0006   UN Day 1957-Scott C169-71, unused (PHOTO)  $12.00
A0007   UNESCO 1958-Scott C193-94, unused (PHOTO)  $12.00
A0008   Tuberculosis 1956-Scott RA30-33 , unused (PHOTO)  $12.00