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S52000    221-26 US Administration PHOTO                                                      
S52001    227-31 Palms US PHOTO                                                       
S50229    232 Surcharged 1c on 3c PHOTO                                                      
S52003    233-37 Palms Republic PHOTO                                                       
S50234    238 Gral. Antonio Maceo 50c  PHOTO                                                        
S52005    239-46 Patriots, bicolor  PHOTO                                                      
S52006    247-52 Patriots 1911-13                                                       
S52007    253-62 Map, hinged PHOTO                                                      
S50258    263 G.Gomez de Avellaneda                                                       
S52009    264-73 Patriots-Un Perf 12                                                       
S52010    274-79 Patriots-Wmk Star Perf. 12                                                       
S52011    280-82 Patriots Imperf                                                       
S50278    283 25th Anniv. Republic                                                      
S52013    284-93 Sixth Conference                                                       
S52014    294-98 Capitol                                                       
S52015    299-03 Central American Games                                                       
S52016    304-07B Patriots-Flat printing Perf 10                                                       
S52017    308-10 Patriots-Rotary printing                                                       
S52018    312-16 Soldado Invasor Monument                                                       
S52019    317-18 Revolutionary  Junta                                                       
S52020    317-18  Up Revolutionary Junta                                                       
S52021    319-20 Dr. Carlos J Finlay                                                       
S52022    322-23 Jose Miguel Gomez                                                       
S52023    324-31 Matanzas                                                       
S53024    324-31, C18-21, E8                                                     
S53024    324-31 C18-21 E8 Imp. Matanzas Imperf                                                     
S52024    324-31  Imp Matanzas Imperf                                                       
S52025    332-36 Gral. Maximo Gomez                                                       
S53025    332-36 C22-26 E9                                                     
S52026    337-39 Sugar Industry                                                       
S52027    340-54 Artist                                                       
S53027    3040-54 C24-29 E10-11                                                     
S50359    355 Cent. Cuban Railroad                                                       
S52030    369-70 Gral Calixto Garcia                                                       
S52031    369-70  Gral. Calixto Garcia-Imperf                                                        
S50367    361 Gonzalo de Quesada                                                     
S50368    362 Rotary                                                     
S50369    363 Lions International                                                       
S52035    364-65 Repertorio Medico                                                       
S50372    365a Repertorio Medico SS                                                     
S50373    365b Martires de la Ciencia SS                                                       
S52038    366-67 Gral. Guillermo Moncada                                                       
S52039    368-72 Democracy                                                       
S52040    368-72  Imp Democracy Imperf                                                       
S52041    373-74 Ignacio Agramonte                                                       
S52042    375-79 5th Column                                                       
S50393    380 Gral. Eloy Alfaro                                                       
S52044    381-83 Retirement Fund 1943                                                       
S52045    384-85 Retirement Fund 1944                                                       
S52046    387-91 Columbus                                                        
S53046    387-91,C36-37 Columbus                                                      
S50405    392 Gral. Carlos Roloff                                                     
S50406    393 Brazil 1st Postage Stamp                                                     
S52049    394-95 Friends of the Country                                                       
S52050    396-98 Retirement Fund 1945                                                       
S52051    399-01 Retirement Fund 1946                                                       
S50415    402 Placido                                                     
S50416    403 Manuel Marquez Sterling                                                       
S50417    404 Red Cross                                                     
S50418    405 Livestock                                                     
S50419    406 Roosevelt                                                     
S52057    407-08 Retirement Fund 1947                                                       
S52058    410-13 Marta Abreu                                                       
S50427    414 Leprosy Congress                                                     
S52060    415-17 Retirement Fund 1948                                                       
S52061    418-19 50th Anni. Marti Death                                                        
S52062    420-22 Tobacco 1948- 22½x26mm                                                        
S52063    423-30 Gral. Antonio Maceo                                                        
S50444    431 Pharmacy                                                      
S50445    432 Morro Lighthouse                                                      
S52066    433-34 Jagua Castle                                                        
S52067    435-36 Manuel Sanguily                                                        
S50450    437 Isle of Pines                                                     
S52069    438-40 Retirement Fund 1949                                                       
S52070    441-42 Gral. Enrique Collazo                                                       
S52071    443-44 Enrique Jose Varona                                                       
S52072    445-47 Tobacco 1950- 21x25mm                                                       
S50461    448 National Bank                                                     
S52074    449-51 U.P.U                                                       
S52075    452-54 Retirement Fund 1950                                                       
S52076    455-57 Retirement Fund 1951                                                       
S52077    458-61 Cent. Cuban Flag                                                       
S53077    458-61,C41-43,E13 Cent. Cuban Flag                                                     
S50475    462 Clara Mass                                                     
S52079    463-65 Capablanca                                                        
S53079    463-65,C44-46,E14 Capablanca                                                      
S52080    466-68 Antonio Guiteras                                                        
S53080    466-68,C47-49 Antonio Guiteras                                                      
S52081    469-70 Christmas 1951                                                        
S52082    471-72 Gral. Jose Maceo                                                        
S53083    473,C50 Isabella.                                                      
S50486    473 Isabella                                                      
S53084    474,C51-56,E15 Retirement Fund 1952                                                      
S50487    474 Retirement Fund 1952                                                         
S52085    475-80 50th Anniv. Republic                                                        
S53085    475-80,C57-60,E16 50th Anniv. Republic                                                    
S52325    481-83 Coffe                                                      
S52086    484-89 Ret. Fund. Charles Hdez                                                         
S53086    484-89,C63-72,E17 Ret. Fund. Charles Hdez.                                                        
S52087    490-97 Medicine Students                                                        
S53087    490-97,C73-74 Medicine Students.                                                      
S52088    498-99 Christmas 1952                                                      
S52089    500-09 Cent. Jose Marti Birth                                                        
S53089    500-09,C79-89                                                      
S50523    510 Rafael Montoro                                                      
S50524    511 Francisco Carrera Justiz                                                      
S50525    512 Surcharged 3c                                                      
S53093    513,C90-91 Board of Account                                                      
S50526    513 Board of Account                                                     
S52094    514-18 Retirement Fund 1954                                                        
S53094    514-18,C92-95, E19                                                      
S52095    519-28 Patriots                                                        
S52096    529-30 Gral Jose “Mayia” Rodriguez                                                        
S53097    531, C107 Sanatorium                                                      
S50546    531 4c Sanatorium                                                      
S52098    532-33 Chrstmas 1954                                                        
S53099    534, C108 Maria Luisa Dolz                                                      
S50549    534 4c Maria Luisa Dolz                                                      
S50550    535 Boy Scouts of Cuba                                                      
S53101    536, C109 50th Anniv. Rotary Intern                                                      
S50551    536 4c Rotary Int                                                      
S52102    537-38 Gral. Francisco Carrillo                                                        
S52103    539-42 Cent. Cuba 1st Postage Stamp.                                                       
S53103    539-42,C110-13 Cent. Cuba 1st Postage Stamp                                                    
S52104    543-46 Retiremnt Fund 1955                                                         
S53104    543-46,C114-6 E20                                                      
S52105    547-48 Christmas 1955                                                        
S53106    549, C128 Gral Emilio Nuñez                                                      
S50564    549 4c Gral Emilio Nunez                                                      
S53107    552, C127 Cuban Post Bicent                                                      
S50565    552 4c Cuban Post Bicent                                                      
S52108    553-56 Retirement Fund 1956                                                         
S53108    553-56,C131-3 E21                                                      
S53109    557, C154 Victor Muñoz                                                      
S50570    557 4c Victor Munoz                                                     
S53110    558,C135   Masonic Temple                                                      
S50571    558 4cMasonic Temple                                                       
S53111    559,C149 Our Lady of Charity                                                      
S50572    559 4c Our Lady of Charity                                                         
S50573    560 Demajagua                                                      
S50574    561 Raimundo G Menocal                                                      
S52114    562-63 Christmas 1956                                                        
S50577    564 Martin Morua Delgado                                                      
S52116    565, C152  Lord Baden-Powell                                                         
S50578    565 4c Lord Baden-Powell                                                      
S52117    566-69 Retirement Fund 1957                                                        
S53117    566-69,C153-5 E22 Retirement Fund 1957                                                      
S53118    570, C156 Philatelic Club                                                      
S50583    570 4c Philatelic Club                                                      
S53119    571, C157 Juan Francisco Steegers                                                        
S50584    571 4c Juan Francisco Steegers                                                      
S50585    572 Victoria Bru Sanchez                                                      
S53121    573, C162 Joaquin de Aguero                                                      
S50586    573 4c Joaquin de Aguero                                                      
S53122    574, C163 Humane Society                                                       
S50587    574 4c Humane Society                                                      
S50588    575 Col. Rafael Manduley del Rio                                                       
S53124    576, C165 Palace of Justice                                                      
S50589    576 4c Palace of Justice                                                      
S52125    577-81 Generals of the Liberation                                                        
S53126    582, C167-68 National Library                                                      
S50595    582 4c National Library                                                      
S53127    583, C173-74 Normal School                                                       
S50596    583 4c Normal School                                                      
S52128    584-87 Retirement Fund 1957                                                        
S53128    584-87,C175-77 E23                                                      
S52129    588-89 Christmas 1957                                                        
S53130    590, C178 Dayton Hedges                                                      
S50603    590 4c Dayton Hedges                                                      
S50604    591 Dr F. Dominguez Roldan                                                      
S53132    592, C179 Diario de la Marina                                                      
S50605    592 4c Diario de La Marina                                                      
S53133    593, C180 Stamp Day 1958                                                      
S50606    593 4c Stamp Day 1958                                                      
S53134    594, C181 Gral. Jose Miguel Gomez                                                      
S50607    594 4c Gral Jose Miguel Gomez                                                      
S52135    595-06 Famous Cuban                                                        
S53136    607, C182-84 Dr. Carlos de la Torre                                                      
S50620    607 4c Dr Carlos de La Torre                                                      
S52137    608-09 Felipe Poey                                                        
S53137    608-09,C185-91 E26                                                      
S53138    610, C192 Theodore Roosevelt                                                       
S50623    610 4c Theodore Roosevelt                                                       
S52139    611-12 Christmas 1958                                                         
S50626    613 Day of Liberation                                                       
S50627    614 Flor Crombet                                                      
S53142    615, C198 Maria Teresa Garcia Montes                                                      
S50628    615 4c Maria Teresa Garcia Montes                                                      
S52143    616-23 Former Cuban Presidents                                                         
S53144    624,C199 Habilitado                                                      
S50637    624 2c Habilitado on 2+1                                                       
S52145    625-28 1st Anniv. Revolution                                                        
S53145    625-28,C200-02                                                      
S52146    629-36 Surcharged                                                      
S53146    629-36,C203-04                                                      
S52147    637-40 Retirement Fund 1960                                                      
S53147    637-40,C206-08                                                     
S52148    641-43 Surcharged                                                      
S52150    645-46 Olympic Games                                                      
S53150    645-46,C212-13                                                      
S50660    647 Camilo Cienfuegos                                                      
S52152    648-62 Christmas 1960                                                        
S52153    663-65 Underdeveloment Countries                                                         
S53153    663-65,C215-18                                                      
S50679    666 Jesus Menendez                                                      
S50680    667 May First 1961                                                      
S52156    668-69 15th Anniv ONU                                                      
S53156    668-69,C222-23                                                      
S52157    669a 15th Anniv. ONU SS                                                      
S52158    670-72 Stamp Day 1961                                                      
S50686    673 26th July                                                      
S52160    B1-2 Madam Curie                                                      
S50689    B3 Agricultural Reform                                                      
S50690    B4 Pro-Charity                                                      
S50691    B4 Imp Pro-Charity Imperf                                                      
S50692    C1 Air Mail                                                      
S50693    C2 Lindbergh                                                      
S50694    C3 Surcharged 10c on 25c                                                      
S52167    C4-11 International Airmail                                                       
S52168    C12-15 National Airmail                                                        
S52169    C16-17 Sky Train                                                       
S52170    C18-21 Matanzas                                                        
S52171    C18-21  Imp Matanzas Imperf                                                        
S52172    C22-23 Maximo Gomez                                                       
S52173    C24-29 Artist                                                        
S50726    C30 Rosillo                                                      
S50727    C31 Postal Rocket                                                      
S50728    C32 Rowland Hill                                                      
S50729    C33 Cent. Postage Stamp SS                                                       
S50730    C33 ACNU SS ACNU SS                                                      
S52179    C34-35 Jose Heredia                                                        
S52180    C36-37 Columbus                                                       
S50735    C38 La Mejorana                                                      
S50736    C39 AAMS Convention SS                                                      
S50737    C40 Air Mail 8c                                                      
S52184    C41-43 Cent. Cuban Flag                                                         
S50741    C43A Martyrs of Science SS                                                      
S52186    C44-46 Capablanca                                                        
S52187    C47-49 Guiteras                                                        
S52188    C49a,C49b Guiteras SS                                                        
S50750    C50 Isabella                                                      
S52190    C50a,C50b Isabella SS                                                       
S52191    C51-56 Retirement Fund 1952                                                        
S52192    C57-60 50th Anniv Republic                                                        
S52193    C61-62 Agustin Parla                                                        
S52194    C61a-C62b (4) Agustin Parla SS                                                        
S52195    C63-72 Ret.Fund 1952-Charlez Hdez                                                        
S52196    C73-74 Medicine Students                                                       
S52197    C75-78 Airplanes 1953                                                        
S52198    C79-89 Cent. Jose Marti                                                        
S52199    C90-91 Board of Accounts                                                        
S52200    C92-95 Retirement Fund 1954                                                        
S52201    C96-06 Sugar Cane Industry                                                        
S50813    C107 Sanatorium Topes de Collante                                                      
S50814    C108 Maria Luisa Dolz                                                       
S50815    C109 Rotary 1955                                                       
S52205    C110-13 Cent. Cuba Postage Stamp                                                        
S52206    C114-16 Retirement Fund 1955                                                        
S52207    C117-18 Jaime Gonzalez                                                        
S52209    C120-21 Airplanes 1955                                                        
S52210    122-26 CUPEX, Mint                                                        
S50833    C126a CUPEX  SS                                                        
S52212    C127-28 Gral. Emilio Nuñez                                                         
S50836    C129 Bicent. Cuban Post                                                       
S50837    C130 Inter. Airmail 50c                                                       
S52215    C131-33 Retirement Fund 1956                                                         
S50841    C134 Victor Muñoz                                                       
S50842    C135 Masonic Temple                                                       
S52218    C136-46 Birds, Mint                                                       
S50854    C147 Philatelic Club Building                                                       
S50855    C148 Hubert de Blanck                                                        
S50856    C149 Our Lady of Charity                                                        
S50857    C149a Our Lady of Charity SS                                                        
S50858    C150 Benjamin Franklin                                                        
S50859    C151 SIP                                                           
S50860    C152 Lord Baden-Powell                                                        
S52226    C153-55 Retirement Fund 1957                                                         
S50864    C156 Stamp Day 1957                                                        
S50865    C157 Francisco Steegers                                                        
S52229    C158-61 Sports                                                         
S50870    C162 Joaquin de Aguero                                                        
S50871    C163 Humane Society                                                        
S50872    C163a Humane Society- Se-Tenant                                                        
S50873    C164 Jose M. Heredia                                                        
S50874    C165 Palace of Justice                                                        
S50875    C166 John Robert Gregg                                                        
S52236    C167-68 National Library                                                        
S52237    C169-71 United Nation Day                                                         
S50881    C172 30th Anniv. Air Mail Service                                                        
S52239    C173-74 Cuban Normal School                                                        
S52240    C175-77 Retirement Fund 1957                                                         
S50887    C178 Dayton Hedges                                                       
S50888    C179 Diario de la Marina                                                        
S50889    C180 Stamp Day 1958.                                                        
S50890    C181 Gral. Jose Miguel Gomez                                                        
S52245    C182-84 Dr. Carlos de la Torre                                                         
S52246    C185-91 Felipe Poey, Mint PHOTO                                                        
S50901    C192 Theodore Roosevelt                                                       
S52248    C193-94 UNESCO                                                        
S52249    C195-96 Stamp Day 1959                                                         
S50906    C197 ASTA                                                      
S50907    C198 Musical Art Society                                                       
S50908    C199 HABILITADO PAR 12c                                                       
S52253    C200-02 1st Anniv. Revolution                                                         
S52254    C203-04 Sucharged 12c in red                                                         
S50914    C205 Bird 12c green                                                       
S52256    C206-08 Retirement Fund 1960                                                        
S50920    C211 Stamp Day 1960 SS                                                      
S52259    C212-13 Olympiad                                                        
S50923    C213a Olympiad SS                                                      
S50924    C214 30th Anni. Natl Air Mail Ser                                                       
S52262    C215-18 Underdeveloment Countries                                                         
S52263    C219-21 Spanish Declaration of Habana                                                         
S52265    C219-21 English Declaration of Habana                                                      
S52264    C219-21 French Declaration of Habana                                                       
S50938    C221a Declaration of Habana SS                                                       
S50267    C222-23 ONU                                                       
S50941    C223a ONU SS                                                      
S50942    CB1 Agricultural Reform                                                    
S50943    CE1 Matanzas  perf                                                       
S50944    CE1 Imperf Matanzas imperforate                                                       
S50945    E1 US Administration                                                       
S50946    E2 Immediata                                                       
S50947    E3 inmediata                                                       
S50948    E4 Juan Bruno Zayas                                                       
S50949    E5 Airplane 1914 Perf. 12                                                       
S50950    E6 Airplane 1927 Wmk Star                                                       
S50951    E7 Airplane 1935 Perf. 10                                                       
S50952    E8 Matanzas                                                       
S50953    E8 Imperf Matanzas Imperforate                                                       
S50954    E9 Gral Maximo Gomez                                                       
S52282    E10-11 Artists                                                         
S50957    E12 Letter                                                         
S50958    E13 Cent. Cuban Flag                                                      
S50959    E14 Capablanca                                                       
S50960    E15 Retirement Fund (Surcharged)                                                      
S50961    E16 50th nniv. Republic                                                      
S50962    E17 Retirement Fund 1952                                                      
S50963    E18 Roseate Tern                                                       
S50964    E19 Retirement 1954                                                     
S50965    E20 Retirement Fund 1955                                                       
S50966    E21 Retirement Fund 1956                                                      
S50967    E22 Retirement Fund 1957                                                       
S50968    E23 Retirement Fund 1958                                                       
S52295    E24-25 Messenger                                                         
S52296    E26-27 Felipe Poey                                                         
S50973    E28 Messenger (Violet)                                                       
S52298    E29-30 HABILITADOS                                                         
S50976    E31 Messenger (Orange)                                                       
S52300    J1-4 US Administration                                                        
S52301    J5-7 1914 Carmin rose                                                         
S52302    J8-10 1927-28 rose red                                                        
S51017    RA1 Tuberculosis 1938                                                      
S51018    RA2 Tuberculosis 1939                                                      
S51019    RA3 Tuberculosis 1940                                                      
S51020    RA4 Tuberculosis 1941                                                      
S52307    RA5-6 Victory                                                        
S51022    RA6 ½c gray                                                      
S51023    RA7 Tuberculosis 1942                                                      
S51024    RA8 Tuberculosis 1943                                                       
S51025    RA9 Tuberculosis 1949                                                       
S51026    RA10 Tuberculosis 1950                                                       

 RA11 Comunication Building 1951                                                        

S52313    RA12-15 Tuberculosis 1951                                                           
S51032    RA16 Comm.Bldg 1952- Unwmk                                                        
S52315    RA17-20 Tuberculosis 1952                                                             
S51037    RA21 Tuberculosis 1953                                                               
S52317    RA22-25 Tuberculosis 1954                                                        
S52318    RA26-29 Tuberculosis 1955                                                        
S52319    RA30-33 Tuberculosis 1956                                                        
S51050    RA34 Comm. Bldg. Perf 10                                                      
S52321    RA35-38 Tuberculosis 1957                                                        
S52322    RA39-42 Tuberculosis 1958                                                        
S51059    RA43 Comm.Bldg red                                                       
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