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     2004 (Back to Top)  
S20401  45th Anniv. Revolution  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  1.95 
S20402  15th Anniv. EXPOCUBA  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  1.95 
S20403  Olympic Games  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  4.95 
S20404  Chinesee Year (Monkey)  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  1.80 
S20405  75th Anniv. Julio A. Mella  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  1.95 
S20406  Jose Marti  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  6.60 
S20407  400th Anniv. Puerto Principe.  PHOTO BUY  OFFER   0.45 
S20408  Street Trolley Car  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  4.95 
S20409  Street Trolley Car. SS  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  3.00 
S20410  40th Anniv. De La Egrem  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  4.95 
S20411  World Philatelic Exhibition, Spain  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  5.10 
S20412  World Philatelic Exhibition, Spain. SS  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  3.00 
S20413  II Cuban Sport Olympiad. SS  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  3.00 
S20414  Bi-National Philatelic Exhibition. Cuba-Mexico. SS  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  3.00 
S20415  45th Anniv. Police Dpt.  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  0.45 
     2003 (Back to Top)  
S20301    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20302    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20303    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20304    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20305    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20306    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20307    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20308    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20309    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20310    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20311    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20312    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20322    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20313    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20314    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20315    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20316    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20317    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20318    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20319    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20320    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
S20321    I  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 
      2002 (Back to Top)  
S20201  Chinesse Lunar Year 2002 PHOTO BUY  OFFER .45 
S20202  APAEP Informatica PHOTO BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20203  Tobacco Industry PHOTO BUY  OFFER 5.10 
S20204  IDEM Souvenir Sheet PHOTO BUY  OFFER 3.00 
S20205  Explorer Pioners PHOTO BUY  OFFER 5.30 
S20206  Explorer Pioners Special Format PHOTO BUY  OFFER 7.50 
S20207  Futbol World Cup PHOTO BUY  OFFER 9.00 
S20207a  Futbol World Cup Special Format PHOTO BUY  OFFER 12.50 
S20208  Cuban-Hispanic Philatelic Exposition PHOTO BUY  OFFER 3.00 
S20209  40th Anniv. Communist Youth Union  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 0.45 
S20210    International Event of Wine  PHOTO BUY  OFFER  4.35 
S20211    X Anniv. Medicuba   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 2.25 
S20212    Cent. Birth Nicolas Guillen   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20213    Cent. Birth Marcelo Pogolotti   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 0.45 
S20214    80th Anniv. Agostinho Neto   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20215    ESPANA 2000' Philatelic Exhibition   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 5.10 
S20216    IDEM SS   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 3.00 
S20217    Idem Special Format   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 8.50 
S20218    War Correspondent   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20219    Antique Cars   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 7.50 
S20220    IDEM Special Format   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 12.00 
S20221    125th Anniv. Birth of Tomas Roig   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 4.35 
S20222    Idem Special Format   PHOTO    BUY  OFFER 8.00 
S20223    35th Anniv. Death of Ernesto Che Guevara   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 6.60 
S20224    IDEM Special Format   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 12.50 
S20225    XV Intercontinental Baseball Cup   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 6.30 
S20226    IDEM Special Format   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 12.50 
S20227    XX Feria Int. de la Habana   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20228    32th Anniv. Camaguey's Ballet   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 4.20 
S20229    Cent. Birth of Wilfredo Lam   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 6.00 
S20230    165th Anniv. Railroad   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 6.00 
S20231    165th Anniv Railroad. Special Format   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 12.00 
S20232    100th Anniv. Panamerican Health Organization         PHOTO BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20233    Centenary Birth  of Dulce Maria Loynaz   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20234    V National Philatelic Championship   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 3.00 
S20235    Prehistoric Animals   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 6.45 
S20236    Prehistoric Animals. SS   PHOTO BUY  OFFER 3.00 
     2001 (Back to Top)  
S20131    Forgotten by The OSCAR - Special Format PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 12.50 
2S0130    4186-94 Forgotten by The OSCAR PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 8.25 
S20129    4181-85 IV Colombophilia Congress PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 9.75 
S20128    4180 Pablo de la Torriente Brau PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 2.25 
S20127    4176-79 Napoleonic Museum  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 4.50 
S20126    4175 100th Anniv. Eduardo Chibas Birth PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 3.25 
S20125    4174 25th Anniv. Barbados Crime PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 4.35 
S20124    4173 100th Anniv. National Library PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 0.45 
S20123    4171-72 UPAEP PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 2.40 
S20122    4170 Dialogue Among Civilizations PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20121    4166-69 Tourism  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 4.95 
S20120    4165 Recovery of Raw Materials  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 3.25 
S20119    4164 IDEM SS. Aquaculture PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 3.00 
S20118    4159-63 Aquaculture PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 5.10 
S20117    4158 1700th Anniversary San Marino PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 2.25 
S20116    4157 IDEM Souvenir Sheet PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 3.00 
S20115    4152-56 PHILANIPPON'01, Engines PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 5.10 
S20114    4151 40th Anniv. Interior Ministry PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20113    4150 IDEM Souvenir Sheet PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 3.00 
S20112    4145 Belgium Philatelic Exhibition PHOTO  BUY   OFFER 5.10 
S20111    4144 Tourism Convention PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20110    4143 40th Anniv. Radio Habana Cuba   BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20109    41138-42 Cats and Dogs PHOTO BUY   OFFER 5.10 
S20108    4137 40th Anniv. Playa Giron PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20107    4136 Inter Parlamentary Conference PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20106    4131-35 Railroad Engines PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 6.15 
S20105    4130 50th Anniv. Refugees  PHOTO BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20104    4129 40th Anniv. INDER PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20103    4128 IDEM Souvenir Sheet PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 3.00 
S20102    4122-27 Hong Kong Philatelic Exposition           PHOTO  BUY  OFFER 5.10 
S20101    4122 Chinese Lunar YearPHOTO  BUYOFFER 0.45 
    2000 (Back to Top)  
S20035    4121 New Milenium   BUY  OFFER 5.85 
S20035a    New Milenium.full sheet   BUY  OFFER 23.40 
S20034    4118-19 Humbolt.   BUY  OFFER 2.70 
S20033    4117 25th Anniv. Angola   BUY  OFFER 2.25 
S20032    4115-16 AIDS Campaign.   BUY  OFFER 2.40 
S20031    4114 40th Anniv. CDR   BUY  OFFER 0.45 
S20030    4110-13 Tourism   BUY  OFFER 2.40 
S20029    4108-09 Cuba-China   BUY  OFFER 0.90 
S20028    4120 Panamerican Railroad Congress   BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20027    IDEM Special Format   BUY  OFFER 7.50 
S20026    4107 IDEM SS   BUY  OFFER 3.00 
S20025    4102-06 ESPANA'2000   BUY  OFFER 6.00 
S20024    4191 Cuban Women Federation   BUY  OFFER 0.45 
S20023    4100 Dr. Pedro Kouri Birth Centenary   BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20021    4096-99 Olympic Games   BUY  OFFER 4.80 
S20020    4095 OLYMPHILEX'2000 SS   BUY  OFFER 3.00 
S20019    4094 Latin American Integration Ass.   BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20018    4087 Cent. Amadeo Roldan Birth   BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20017    4086 200th La Luz Caballero Birth  BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20016    IDEM Special Format   BUY  OFFER 10.00 
S20015    4088-93 "Edad de Oro"   BUY  OFFER 6.60 
S20014    4085 Countries Solidarity   BUY  OFFER 1.95 
S20013    4084 WIPPA'2000 SS   BUY  OFFER 3.00 
S20012    4079-83 WIPPA'2000   BUY  OFFER 6.45 
S20011    4078 LONDON'2000 SS BUY OFFER 3.00 
S20010    4073-77 LONDON'2000 BUY OFFER 5.10 
S20009    4072 60th Anniv. Capitan San Luis Birth BUY OFFER 1.95 
S20008    4069 35th Anniv."Che" at Congo BUY OFFER 1.95 
S20007    4070-71Stamp Day BUY OFFER 4.65 
S20006    4068 130th Anniv Lenin Birth. BUY OFFER 2.25 
S20005    4067 Summit Conference BUY OFFER 2.25 
S20004    4062-66 Bangkok Philatelic Exhibition. BUY OFFER 5.40 
S20003    4058-61 Cuban Folklore BUY OFFER 4.95 
S20002    IDEM Special Format BUY OFFER 4.50 
S20001    4057 Chinnese Lunar Year. BUY   OFFER 0.45